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Congratulations! You have reached the science and ink archive of largely-satisfactory science and general cartoons.
Cartoons in this archive are free for educational and personal use, and (over time) appeared online under headings Strange Matter, Lab Initio, and Nearing Zero; see Wiki entry here. These are the survivors. In the filenames, recent cartoons are from nz440 onwards and the newest will be in grayscale. This site is written in honest-to-Zeus html 1.0, and is blisteringly fast because it has absolutely zero bells and an equal number of whistles. The sister site for annual wall-calendars is Darwin Soup.

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New! the 2023 Darwin Soup wall-calendar has just launched, well in time for the new year. You have three options: | a PDF you can print for yourself ... featuring bonus instructions! | professional option from Lulu Print (economical, New Zealand holidays as per the PDF file), | professional option from Zazzle (more expensive, 3 size options, customise the holidays)

Permissions and free use: use of cartoons from this site is free for personal, non-profit, research, and educational purposes - websites, lab-manuals, newsletters or any conventional publication - as outlined in this handy document. If your use is in one of those categories and/or you've previously sought and received permission, that free-use permission right continues indefinitely. Commercial use: For publishers (etc.) seeking commercial rights, a subset of these cartoons are available for either sale or rent over here at CartoonStock. Print format: most older cartoons on this site are also available as a 334-page book - but not the recent ones. inexpensive greyscale edition, stupidly expensive colour edition, and a largely pointless Kindle version.

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