Earth Sciences

nz001 Archaeological dig    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]   


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nz006 Scientist at the beach    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]   


Henderson unfurled his towel over the sparkling sands, stretched out luxuriously under a cobalt sky, and sighed. Fitting compensation for a hectic year of research, they'd said. Just get out there and relax. Think of anything but science for once. / The rhythmic collapse of waves on the shore was reminiscent of something in quantum mechanics. I'll bet the sand is mainly tectosilicates, he thought, probably alpha-quartz. The towel was cotton, and his trunks were Rayon, produced he recalled by acetylation of cellulose. Cobalt blue probably represents a range of wavelengths centered somewhere between 420 and 460 nanometres.. / Henderson's right hand idly toyed with the portable Dobson Spectrophotometer before he raised it to his eye for another look. No doubt about it, he thought, concentrations of ozone over this part of the beach are higher than elsewhere.. .

nz012 Bones    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]   


"You see Thag. .? Names CAN break your bones. Especially when those names are carved on ROCKS."

nz039 Continental guidance    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

nz052 Magnetic north    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link (earlier caption)]

nz056 Continental drifters    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link (grayscale version)]

nz090 Alpine fault    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

nz138 The Second World Wart    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

nz145 The radiocarbon dating technique    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

nz182 Experts    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

nz325 Things the dinosaurs were doing    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link (grayscale version)]

nz342 Definition: Cosmic Rays    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

nz365 Guttering    [...higher res version...]    [CartoonStock link]

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