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Congratulations! You have reached the science and ink archive of largely-satisfactory science and general cartoons.
Cartoons in this archive are still free for educational and personal use, and (over time) appeared online under headings Strange Matter, Lab Initio, and Nearing Zero.
These are the survivors.

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Permissions and free use: use of cartoons from this site is free for personal, non-profit, research, and educational purposes - websites, lab-manuals, newsletters or any conventional publication - as outlined in this handy document. If your use is in one of those categories and/or you've previously sought and received permission, that free-use permission right continues indefinitely. Commercial use: For publishers (etc.) seeking commercial rights, a subset of these cartoons are available for either sale or rent over here at CartoonStock. Print format: most older cartoons on this site are also available as a 334-page book - but not the recent ones. inexpensive greyscale edition, stupidly expensive colour edition, and a largely pointless Kindle version.

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